Joe Goldsmith

A native of “Hard Hittin” New Britain, CT, Joe grew up in an entrepreneurial family as the youngest of four boys.  As a result, he developed a fierce independent streak and an irreverent sense of humor, both of which have characterized much of his career.  Joe attended the University of Pennsylvania, where he earned a degree in Russian, before joining Fischer, Francis, Trees & Watts (FFTW) as an Investment Professional in Emerging Market Debt and Local Currency.

Joe has continued his non-traditional career path, having founded two executive search firms over the past 18 years, one of which became one of the 10 largest search firms in the U.S.  Joe lives in the West Village with his family, who continue to indulge his interest in real estate as a frustrated architect.

Cliff Dank

Cliff has spent most of his professional life in and around financial markets, initially as an equity trader and then largely focused on human capital. Before joining Goldsmith & Co., he served most recently as the Chief Operating Officer of Recruiting for Bridgewater Associates and the President of a boutique search firm.

Cliff grew up in Briarcliff, NY, earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from The Johns Hopkins University, and his MBA degree from the University of California at Berkeley.  He lives in CT with his wife Elizabeth and their three children. Cliff played college baseball (briefly), dabbled in stand-up comedy, and continues to perfect his flop shot as an amateur golfer.

Fred Davis

Fred helps lead our Quantitative Investing, Risk and Data Science practice.  Fred has a 15-year track record of solving complex and nuanced problems across a wide array of quantitative and risk platforms for family offices, global investment banks, hedge funds, and diversified asset management firms.

Despite playing college football and being fiercely competitive, Fred is a complete push over when his teenage daughter cajoles him into doing TikTok videos!  Fred’s TikTok followers:  1.


Marc Wiener

Marc leads our Elevation practice, which focuses on early to mid-career hires. Prior to joining Goldsmith & Co in 2016, Marc spent 15 years as a Partner at a boutique recruiting firm.

Marc lives in Pennsylvania with his wife Jess and their three children. He enjoys Land Rover restoration, YouTube-inspired home improvement projects and perfecting the art of homemade pasta.

Audrey Ablan

Audrey joined G&Co after graduating with a degree in Psychology & Economics from Columbia University and helps lead our Research and Data management effort.

Audrey grew up as the oldest of 8 children and set a high bar for her pesky younger siblings by becoming a concert pianist at the age of 7 and playing college hockey. She currently resides in Murray Hill with her fiancé and their two mini Australian Shepherds. She spends her weekends cooking, mastering sonatas and intimidating fellow hockey players with her impressive stickwork.

Maxine de Havenon

Maxine is a Recruiting Associate and helps lead our Research and Data Management team.  Maxine graduated from Brown University with a degree in Political Science, where she was a college sailing national champion and All-American.

She spends her winters skiing “hardpack” in the northeast, dominating arcane movie and pop culture trivia with friends, all the while counting the days until her next Regatta!


Erin England

Erin joined G&Co as a Recruiting Associate after graduating from Stanford University, where she earned a B.S. in Energy Resources Engineering and B.A. in Chinese Language. She spent a gap year post-university as part of National Taiwan University’s International Chinese Language Program.

While growing up as an Air Force brat, Erin developed an unquenchable curiosity that has taken her on adventures to over 45 countries. Erin’s endless energy for all things outdoors is underpinned by her love of caffeine.  A Floridian-by-blood and Californian-at-heart, she is girding herself for New York winters!

William Naylor

William joined G&Co as a Recruiting Associate after wrapping up his M.A. in European Politics at Columbia University. Before graduate school, he spent a couple of years in New York working for a Latin America focused think tank as a Program Officer. He graduated from Amherst College, where he studied Political Science and Spanish.

When he’s not at work, William spends his free time reading, cooking, running, traveling, and obsessively tracking political polls. A proud Minnesotan, he loves to rant about the chronic trauma inflected by his beloved Vikings, Twins, Timberwolves, Wild and Gophers.

Kali Koehler

Kali joined Goldsmith & Co in 2011, having previously worked at Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. from 2009 to 2011. She graduated from New York University in 2008 with a Bachelor of Arts in Feminist Philosophy and Russian Studies. Kali enjoys heated political debates, weekend gambling trips and is an admittedly permissive parent to her now 2-year-old puggle, Maury Pawvich.

Danyel Aversenti Couture

Danyel serves as a Recruiting Coordinator and is the textbook definition of an outgoing and gregarious personality.

Over the past 11 years, Danyel has brought her ebullience to a number of industries, including All Things Hospitality, Entrepreneur Mentoring, and most importantly her very own One Mom Stand-Up comedy show performed mostly(only) to her kids and husband. When not working, Danyel enjoys reading, doing mom-things and gardening. The latter being a total lie.

Margaux Losty

Margaux serves as a Recruiting Associate and joined the firm after spending several years recruiting across the technology sector.

She graduated from Cornell University in 2018 with a degree in Communication and Media studies. Some might say she cut her teeth in the recruiting industry during her collegiate squash days at Cornell, where she worked tirelessly to scout the best rising talent for the team.

Margaux can still sometimes be overheard wistfully discussing her Big Red glory days when she was a Second Team All American Squash player.

You can often find Margaux waiting in line for a cupcake at Magnolia’s Bakery and attending late night comedy shows.